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Agents are inherently mobile and Great Way’s cloud University allows for collaboration and shared learning from any location in the world. Great Way Agents are offered more than 25 hours of live training each week and can participate in virtual, led by top real estate experts.

Powerful Suite Lead Generation Tools

Great Way Real Estate provides agents with the innovative tools and services to grow their real estate business. This includes top-performing lead-generation software, content marking tools, powerful CRM, and social media advertising support.

Agent Wealth Share Rewards

Great Way agents can receive wealth share from closed production of agents they sponsor in the Great Way partnership program. Giving Great Way agents an opportunity to fulfill bigger dreams and goals. Wealth share is paid by Great Way Real Estate and does not effect agents commissions.

100% Marketing Automation

Great Way agents experience a true hands off approach of marketing automation to their top social media sites, giving them more time to build relationships and close more deals.

Transaction Management Software

Great Way agents have greater access to important business metrics such as a full transaction management system, commissions, file checklists, capping status and collaboration dashboard.

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